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Beach Sea Salt soap

Beach Sea Salt soap

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Beach Sea Salt soap

One of our fave soaps!! Created with healing in mind, made with Dead Sea salt, mineral pigment mica and natural earth colorants, essential oils and clays.

Salt bars are nit only super hydrating to the skin, they have minerals your skin will love!
Sea Salt contains many minerals, primarily magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium, and zinc. Because of the salt contest it can reduce Inflammation. With the combination of these minerals, oils, and salt it will help relieve water retention, helping reduce inflammation in legs, as well as other problem areas.

Scent is sea salt lime coconut blend.
Charged with Reiki, Charged with gemstones… clear quartz, and aquamarine quartz
Size is 5.5 oz

Ingredients Sea salt, Olive oil. Coconut oil, Shea and mango butter, essential oils, clay, mineral pigment.

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