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Forest Nymphs Vegan Bath And Body

Bohemia Massage Oil Massage Ritual

Bohemia Massage Oil Massage Ritual

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BOHEMIA Massage Oil 8oz Bottle

Created to bring you to the Bohemian, care free, unrestricted, unconventional way of feeling. Where love, freedom, creativity and harmony flow easily

A proprietary blend including essential oils of Orange blossom, Rose and Sandalwood, botanically infused botanicals in Organic oils of Sweet Almond , Olive oil, and Vitamin E. Reiki and gemstone Charged, with Tangerine Quartz, Aquamarine and Clear Quartz. Handmade, hand poured Magic of Love under the correct moon time.

INGREDIENTS light, water soluble,oil that washes out of most linens, derived from Plant oils. Blend of organic Sweet Almond Oil, olive and Vitamin E. Essential oil Proprietary blend.
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