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Forest Nymphs Vegan Bath And Body

Botanical Smudge Prosperity And Stability

Botanical Smudge Prosperity And Stability

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Sage Botanical Sage &Rose Petals, Flowers. Green string for prosperity and stability

LISTING IS FOR ONE SMUDGE. Green string for prosperity and stability. Created with intention and botanicals to banish negativity and attract the energy of prosperity and financial / home life stability into your life. flowers, botanicals and Rose petal design will vary as this is a hand rolled item, and created by what is fresh at the Forest

Size is 6inch bundle-appears smaller in picture but it’s larger
Our Nymphs put this trio together to cleanse and recharge your energy space

We start our day by using a botanical smudge with our gemstones to cleanse space and meditate, before we make or work on all products

Start by lighting the top .....Then smudge your space once you see it smoking

White Sage Is cleansing wards off all negative energy, leaving room for positive energy to flow in, along with the Rose petals with sweeten the energy

Instructions will come with smudge stick

Includes : White Sage / Botanicals /Rose Petals / Flowers

Throughout history, the burning of natural substances has been used for cleansing, healing and spiritual purposes. The burning Botanical Incense (Smudging) can help release stress, provide balance, attract love, soothe or give you energy and even disinfect and "clear the air".
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