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Forest Nymphs Vegan Bath And Body

Hebe Botanical Face Scrub

Hebe Botanical Face Scrub

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HEBE was the goddess of youth she was the most beautiful of the goddesses, walked forever in Olympus, beside her mother Hera, goddess of marriage"

Vegan Botanical Facial Scrub 4oz Jar Gemstone charged and infused. Vegan.

Our Vegan Botanical Facial Scrub is gemstone infused it’s hand made to draw out oils & impurities in the skin, to help with anti aging by exfoliating dead skin, and build up that microscopicly drags skin down, causing pre-mature aging.

HEBE is hand blended with premium natural earthy Botanical ingredients, Our own Botanical blend along with Vegan sugar, Castor, Jojoba oil, Jasmine Absolute, along with Blue Chamomile essential oil, to soothe inflamed skin and Grape seed extract
We also added our own Nymph essential oil blend containing ylang ylang, carrot seed and rosewood, which helps to minimize pore size, fine lines while it helps improve the appearance of your skin, and assists in stimulating collagen. Made with LOVE. All our scrub jars are recyclable and eco friendly.

This will last you a long time. You need to use just a little bit (1/2 teaspoon ) at least once a week.

Gemstones charged and infused with:

CLEAR QUARTZ The highest crystal for reversing aging. It improves the clarity of the skin by clearing blemishes, and minor breakouts
AMETHYST This purple beauty is not only good for prosperity , it’s amazing for skincare! It flushes out toxins from the skin,naturally ejects stress hormones from the body.
BLACK TOURMALINE Another toxins eliminator assists in removing toxins that clog our facial pores. Protects from pigmentation-related aging processes.
ROSE QUARTZ We use this gem a lot in all our products .... ring the stone of the heart, it increases blood circulation, truly the beauty gemstone.
AQUAMARINE known as the Mermaids stone for its effect of retaining youthfulness it has powerful anti-aging crystals that also increase the production of Elastin and Collagen.
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