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Forest Nymphs Vegan Bath And Body

Lavender Chamomile Perfume Oil

Lavender Chamomile Perfume Oil

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Here is our version of our Lavender Chamomile soap, A favorite scent by many, as a perfume oil blend! 10 ml roll on bottle

Made with a perfect equal balance of Essential oils, Phthalate free fragrance oils of Lavender and Blue Chamomile as the main stars in this blend. Mixed with jojoba oil and coconut oil. Gemstone and Reiki Infused!

Gemstone infusion of :

SELENITE: liquid light most powerful crystal for healing and cleansing energy

GREEN CALCITE: deepens your connection to the earth, grounding, calming. Helps you create a positive transformation, creating an energy of abundance.
LEPIDOLITE calming, helps ease anxiety

ingredients No alcohol or vodka used., proprietary blend of absolutes, essential oils, jojoba oil and coconut oil., gemstone infused

Perfume is like a personal signature, which is why I like to mix my own”
~Christian Dior~
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