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Forest Nymphs Vegan Bath And Body

Love Energy Bath Salts

Love Energy Bath Salts

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Blended in the Venus hour , gemstone and reiki charged, Love Energy Bath Salts were created with the intention of attracting positive love energy.

1pound of salts in a bottle as shown

LOVE ENERGY just like our soap! For reviving, warming up the muscles and relaxing the mind and soul while easing body fatigue and creating amazing skin!

Love Enegy was created thru the inspiration of "love "....
love energy is all around us - place the intention while you soak in these salts for you to attract your desired love energy.....
romance ; family friends pets earth music all = LOVE ENERGY

Salts are concentrated so use a 1/4 cup alone. Or along with plain Epsom salts.
Run your bath., Turn out the lights, get in and contemplate the great oceans of the world! Set out your intention

Contains: Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Organic Hemp Seed oil, Rose petals, Essential oils, rose infused with organic Hemp Seed oil, reiki and lots of love.

Blended in the Venus hour, infused with reiki energy, love and all the best ingredients!.
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